Safety First

At Performance Audio & Tint we believe strongly in safety behind the wheel. While many of the newest vehicles may offer reverse camera and sensor systems, most cars do not have these important safety features. We can easily install solutions to address this important concern, driving safely is something we encourage.

Backup Safety

Accidents happen. It’s devastating when that accident involves children and a driver backing up into them or over them. It’s a situation that happens far too often, and it’s often preventable. Performance Audio & Tint offers many comprehensive and tasteful solutions to add backup safety to your vehicle. Whether or not your vehicle had an option for these kinds of safety systems, we can provide a great solution for any vehicle.

Backup Cameras

Performance Audio & Tint offers many options for reverse cameras. These activate when the car is placed into reverse and display the surrounding area as a video image in real time. Many of our systems use factory-style cameras that have the highest quality video images, both for the day and at night. We can connect the camera’s image to the car’s factory LCD screen (if available) or with any of our in-dash high performance media solutions. We use only the best quality cameras with a high degree of weather resilience so you need not worry about dependability or longevity. Besides cars and SUVs, we have many solutions for sports cars, vans, trucks, and RVs.



Rear View Mirrors

Performance Audio & Tint offers premium rear view mirror replacements that feature an integrated LCD screen in the mirror. This allows a viewing screen for a reverse camera in vehicles where an existing in-dash LCD screen is absent. The screen in the mirror is invisible until an image is displayed, so it functions just like your existing rear view mirror until the car is placed into reverse. When not in use for the reverse camera image, the screen can also be used for other video content, such as a second camera facing the rear seat for small children in car seats.