The Best Way to Bluetooth is to

Experience It Firsthand

Bluetooth is a great technology that allows smartphone users many, many choices. Our thoughtful, solution-based approach to meet client needs means that we make these choices very easy for our clients. We provide excellent demonstrations for you and even encourage our clients to connect their own phones to our demonstration products so they can have a firsthand experience of just how easy and safe Bluetooth hands-free in the car really is. Stop by Performance Audio & Tint today and we’ll show you how exciting Bluetooth technology is.



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Hands Free Phone Call

It’s much safer to place and receive calls when a driver need not take their eyes off the road in many cases it is the law. If your phone supports the Bluetooth hands-free profile (called “HFP”), Performance Audio & Tint's hands-free calling solutions display the user’s contacts, the caller ID (or name of contact calling in) and many other attributes on a dedicated screen, or on the car’s stereo screen. Some of our solutions can also initiate a call, answer a call and search the contacts from voice commands, further enhancing the safety aspect. We also have options to respond to text messages or email from a voice command. Hands-free Bluetooth solutions really do offer much more safety to the driver and passengers. The specific options available to you depend on the vehicle and your phone’s Bluetooth profiles, but our we are here to help.


Stream Music Wirelessly

Many people have their music collection right on their phone, or listen to streaming content like Pandora or TuneIn Radio over a data connection (3G, 4G, LTE, etc). However you listen to music on your smartphone, if it supports Bluetooth streaming audio profile (called “A2DP”), we can offer you excellent solutions to connect the phone’s content to your car’s stereo, all without any wires. You can control play/pause and skip to the next/previous song right from the in-dash stereo and, if your car has steering wheel controls, those also function. It’s a very easy way to add more usability from your Bluetooth-enabled smartphone while you’re in your car. Our Staff are more than happy to demonstrate how streaming audio over Bluetooth works. We’ll also be happy to check out the compatibility of your specific phone.



Talk Hands-Free and

Stream Audio Wirelessly

Bluetooth is a technology allowing compatible devices to connect wirelessly. Bluetooth has a 10 meter (33 foot) range so it’s perfect for use in the car. Various Bluetooth profiles indicate the types of devices that can connect together and how they’re used. Typical use of Bluetooth ‘hands-free kits’ in a car are to allow the driver to place and answer calls without need to touch the phone. This leaves eyes on the road and hands on the steering wheel. At Performance Audio & Tint, we have many excellent solutions that offer easy-to-use, wonderful sounding hands-free phone use in your car. Bluetooth is not just for phone calls, though. Of the many other uses, streaming audio from the phone to the car’s in-dash stereo, without the need for a wired connection, is also a possibility. Check out some of the great ways to implement Bluetooth in your vehicle.