Aftermarket Head Units

Performance Audio & Tint offers HD Radio in many of our aftermarket head units. We have several choices on display in our Sound Room and we can easily demonstrate the flexibility of this amazing new technology. This is the most integrated way to enjoy HD Radio because the tuner is built into the head unit. No special antenna is required, however many vehicles may require an adapter to connect the aftermarket unit to the car’s existing antenna system. We are happy to demonstrate your options and if you’ve been considering an in-dash head unit replacement, now is a great time to add that HD Radio functionality.

Add-Ons HD Tuner

We can add an HD Radio tuner to just about any existing car stereo, whether it’s a factory-installed unit or an aftermarket one. These use the car’s existing AM/FM antenna and are controlled from the car’s existing AM/FM buttons. Visit us today and experience an HD Radio demonstration so we can determine the best option for adding an HD Radio tuner to your existing car stereo.

Some of the added benefits HD Radio’s digital broadcast offers over an analog AM/FM broadcast signal is multi-casting additional channels. Each radio station can essentially broadcast ‘hidden’ channels called sub-bands that are only available to be accessed with an HD Radio tuner. Additionally, the digital broadcast means a better quality audio signal with near CD quality on FM channels and excellent AM quality. If you’re a listener of sports or talk radio on AM or music channels on FM, you’re going to love those channels in HD Radio. It’s radio, only much better.

HD Radio

AM and FM Radio recently got a comprehensive makeover to enhance sound quality and add more channels. The technology is called “In Band, On Channel Digital Radio” and has become simply known as HD Radio. It’s a digital broadcast and, once the hardware is purchased, the broadcasts come to you just as a normal AM/FM radio station would – completely free.