Android or Window Devices

At Performance Audio & Tint we are able to connect your Android or Windows-based smartphone to your car’s audio system for use as a music and media player. We can connect these using wired solutions, or in many cases we can connect wirelessly over Bluetooth audio streaming. We can also hard-wire charging cables so you have a cleaner connection instead of a cigarette lighter charger. Visit us and discuss your specific vehicle and Android or Windows-based phone options today.

IPhone/IPod/IPad Integration

Connect My iPod in My Car

Taking your music and media with you is expected. Whether it’s an Apple iPod, a portable MP3 player, a USB thumb drive or a smartphone with audio/video content, we all want to connect these easily to the car. These are all versions of ‘portable media devices’ and they’re in just about everyone’s pocket, purse or hand. Performance Audio & Tint offers many device-specific solutions, as well as many custom options that accommodate easy connection to just about any vehicle for any preference of your handheld portable media device. Translation, we know how to make it easy to connect your ‘stuff’ to your car, all while keeping them charged and connecting with the best quality sound.


IPhone/IPod Integration

 If you are an Apple iPod, iPod Touch or iPhone user, we have many comprehensive solutions to connect your device to your car’s audio system by direct plug-in to the bottom docking connector. This offers a one-cable, one-connection solution to everything: charging, audio output, control of track up/down/play/pause, song information and (in some cases) video output or album art. We also have single connection Apple iPad solutions for many applications. Whether you have a factory-installed radio or one of our aftermarket in-dash head units, there are many easy-to-use options our team here at Performance Audio & Tint are more than happy to demonstrate.