Marine audio system design and installation is part of our core, it has been since the day Performance Audio & Tint began. Custom subwoofer enclosures, multi-channel amplification or custom speaker locations are all no problem. Whether you want to have a symphony beached in a remote location, a party barge, or a sensational platform for your next wake board youtube video, we can design and install something unique, just for you. We offer the highest performance products and the expertise to ensure they deliver great sound. Even if your boat requires electrical and charging system enhancements or specific fabrication, we plan for everything. It’s a comprehensive design philosophy. It’s all part of the client-centric approach at Performance Audio & Tint.

Complete Audio Upgrades

We can design and install the audio system of your dreams in any boat, whether if is just as simple as a pontoon style boat, a wake boarding boat, or just about anything else that moves across the water.

Do you really need a subwoofer in a boat? The short answer is: "Absolutely!". In fact, you need it more than in any other audio environment. A running powerboat produces a huge amount of low frequency noise, which is impossible for small full-range speakers to overcome. Adding a subwoofer not only gives you better low-frequency output to overcome that noise, but it also makes your main speakers sound cleaner and louder by not forcing them to do extra work in the low-frequency department.

Now that we've answered that question, you will be happy to know that Performance Audio & Tint can deliver the kind of bass that has made your top brands famous in the automotive and home theater sound arenas. This is bass that will impress you, not only with its sheer level, but even more with its smoothness, balance and precision.

Marine Audio