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In-Dash Navigation


Much More than Maps

Today’s in-dash Global Positioning System (GPS) navigation systems are robust information systems that help drivers get to their destinations. More than just digital maps, the navigation systems offered at Performance Audio & Tint encompass visual and spoken directions as well as thousands of Points of Interest (POIs) such as hotels, gas stations, restaurants and other common destinations on your specific route. These systems can also have real-time traffic integration for route selection or avoiding time-delaying traffic incidents.

An integrated, in-dash GPS navigation system is far safer and more intuitive than a hand-held navigation system, whether it is a portable GPS or maps on a smartphone. By integrating it into the vehicle, the screen will be much larger and easier to read than a handheld, plus the spoken commands are heard over the vehicle’s audio system instead of through the handheld’s small, difficult to hear built-in speaker.

At Performance Audio & Tint we can add GPS navigation to just about any car, truck, or semi, either with a full true navigation unit, unit that can be linked to a smart phone with GPS to mirror your phones image, or a rear view mirror.