Headrest Video Screens

JML Audio offers factory-fit, NHTSA-compliant headrest replacement systems that are exact factory matched upholstery with high resolution video screens from 7-9 inches included. These are constructed to the same standards as factory equipment. This allows flawless installation and an easy route to return the vehicle to its original condition. Options may include wireless headphones, on-board DVD or multimedia card players and external jacks to connect a tablet or game system. We can also customize a solution for hard-to-fit vehicles where an active head restraint is in place, or where the seat back and headrest are integral and replacement of the headrest portion is not an option. All of these rear seat video systems can be controlled from the headrest itself, or from a separate media source such as the in-dash DVD player. There are many fantastic options. We strive to make it easy for rear seat passengers to enjoy their movies and music, allowing the driver to focus on the road.

Rear Seat Entertainment



Are We There Yet?

Whether it’s running errands around town, taking a road trip or just driving with multiple passengers, rear seat entertainment systems are a wonderful addition to just about any vehicle. At Performance Audio & Tint we have fantastic multimedia (video screen) solutions for all types of vehicles, including SUVs, crew cab trucks, sedans of all types, RVs and more. We have a solution to allow all passengers to enjoy their media, whether movies, television, music or streaming content over the internet.