Convenient, Safe and Sensible

Remote starting your vehicle from inside your home or office is a great solution to have, but it’s a very sensible solution, too. Starting the engine and allowing it to warm up can extend the life of the engine and charging system by properly lubricating all the moving parts with engine oil that has come up to temperature. Additionally, the sensibility of having a pre-warmed interior is something that you appreciate every time you use that remote starter on a cold day and a pre-cooled interior on those hot summer days. Visit us at Performance Audio & Tint today and let us show you how a remote starter properly installed into your vehicle will also enhance your lifestyle.

Remote Car Starter

At Performance Audio & Tint, we are experts at installing remote car starter systems. We have the most comprehensive range of products and vehicle-specific integration technologies that allow seamless operation from a wide range of controller possibilities. Whether controlled by an original factory-style remote, an extended range aftermarket remote or a smartphone app, let us show you all of the excellent remote starter possibilities we offer. Paired with our expert installation, you’ll be enjoying a warm and ready-to-drive vehicle in no time on those cold winter mornings and a cool interior on those hot summer days.

Combine Security and GPS Tracking

Many of our remote starter systems can also integrate security and/or GPS tracking functions. This makes each client’s solution address specific needs and all of the installation can be handled at the same time. By integrating added functionality, we are able to offer our clients the added peace of mind that comes with security systems and GPS tracking. Choose to integrate only security, only GPS tracking via a smartphone app, or both.


Proper Interface with Factory Electronics

One  of the critical advantages we provide our clients at Performance Audio & Tint is that our remote starter systems are all installed with careful attention given to ‘how’ the remote starter system interfaces with the vehicle’s complex electronic systems. Many of today’s vehicles have encrypted electronic keys that provide an added measure of security. Without the correctly coded key, the vehicle will not start. We take the added step of using sophisticated interface hardware with computer-based firmware that emulates those encrypted key messages to allow the vehicle to ‘think’ an authorized key is in the vehicle. When you enter with your key, it seamlessly hands off to normal operation without worry of dash warning lights or other issues with the vehicle’s normal operation. We like to say the best compliment we get is that once the vehicle is started, what we install operates seamlessly and is virtually undetectable once you’re behind the wheel. All of the convenience, none of the concern.

Remote Car Starter Safety Measures

Safety is a significant part of remote starter installations at Performance Audio & Tint. We know that there are specific concerns of starting a vehicle’s engine without an operator behind the wheel. Here are a few of the added safety measures we engage:

Hood/Engine Bay Monitoring – If the hood is open, the engine will not remote start for safety purposes. Someone’s hands could be injured by belts, moving parts, etc.

Emergency Brake Engagement – In most vehicles, we ensure the emergency brake is engaged before the vehicle is able to start remotely. This ensures it stays put.

Doors Remain Locked – The doors remain locked until the driver chooses when to unlock them. This ensures no unauthorized drivers enter the vehicle.

Foot Brake Shutdown – If the key is not inserted in the ignition, when the foot brake is pressed the vehicle will shut down as an added safety measure. The presence of the key turning is the ‘hand off’ to the normal vehicle operation as if it started with the key.

Engine RPM Monitoring – Engine RPMs are monitored to provide confirmation the vehicle did remote start and does not over rev the engine.

2-way Monitoring and Confirmation – Many of our remote controller options offer 2-way communication between the vehicle and remote control. This shows the vehicle has started and can offer added information like the amount of time running, the status of the doors locked, engine RPM, inside temperature, and more.