Tracking is Safety

A vehicle tracking system is simply a useful tool to increase the safety of both the vehicle and drivers. By reducing or mitigating liabilities and implementing notifications or alerts, there’s an added peace of mind for the vehicle owner (or business owner). 

Personal Use

Many personal use tracking systems are installed to provide peace of mind and an added layer of security. Generally accessible with a smartphone app or through a web browser, these systems can provide the physical location of your vehicle 24/7. Some systems may offer additional features such as notifications, remote door lock/unlock and logging of travel for convenient record keeping. 


Wouldn’t it be great to be able to learn where the location of your vehicle whenever you wanted to know? What if you could be alerted when it’s driven or a door is opened? At Performance Audio & Tint, we offer many vehicle tracking systems that have these capabilities, and much more. We are happy to demonstrate these systems and make recommendations based on how you plan to use it.

Fleet Use

Tracking systems are a smart business decision for any vehicle fleet. You can monitor the location, start and stop times as well as many other aspects. This can validate delivery or service-call technicians are going to the intended locations in a timely manner. It can also help to protect inventory items on a truck from theft with various security notifications that can be optionally added to the tracking system.  These can help to create more fuel efficient routes that can save a company thousands of dollars over time.  Many business insurance policies offer a discount or premium rate reduction based on the type of business and tracking system installed.

Household Drivers

Some of our tracking systems are ideal for monitoring other drivers in the household, such as an elderly parent or teen driver. These systems can utilize a ‘geo-fence’ feature to provide an alert when the vehicle leaves a pre-defined area. The alert can be a text message, email or phone call, whichever is most convenient. They are installed to be hidden away and out of view, so if you wish these can be completely at your discretion to disclose to the other drivers. There’s an added element of safety for very young or elderly drivers because you’ll be able to check up without necessarily always checking in.