A Sensor for Every Situation

We can configure any of our security systems to accommodate specific sensors that may be recommended for certain vehicles. We can add a field disturbance sensor to an open top vehicle to protect contents from hands reaching in. We can add digital impact sensors that know the difference between a cat walking near the car or a legitimate impact that should create an alert. We can add special tilt or position sensors for vehicles that have exposed contents, such as work trucks with tool boxes or muscle cars with easy engine access from race style hoods that close with pins instead of a latch.


Installation is Everything

Even the best security systems are only effective when properly installed by an expert technician.  We’ve made it our business to approach vehicle security system installation with the level of detail few prospective thieves would expect. We hide control units in locations thieves wouldn’t think to look. We camouflage wiring and connections to appear as factory-installed equipment. We connect into vehicle circuits with soldered connections to enhance reliability and longevity. We believe the most effective part of the security system is what you don’t see or a thief can’t locate. Let Performance Audio & Tint evaluate the security of your vehicle today.

Vehicle Security Systems

At Performance Audio & Tint we pride ourselves in approaching vehicle security with attention to detail. We offer much more than ‘car alarms.’ We offer comprehensive vehicle security. The systems we configure and install have many technology-based sensors and operational features to increase the reliability and make them easy to use. In your absence the peace of mind knowing your vehicle has the best protection is priceless.

Extended Range and Smart Controls

Our security systems all offer exceptional range of operation from either a key chain remote, or with an app controlled on your smartphone. This allows you to have a comfort of knowing you can arm your vehicle in the event you forgot and have already walked away. Many of our remote controls utilize 2-way technology where the vehicle sends confirmations of status and events back to the key chain remote, such as confirming the doors have locked or why the system triggered.


Add Convenience

In addition to locking and unlocking doors by remote control, we can pop the trunk, roll power windows up or down, open automatic van side doors, open or close a power sunroof, turn the audio system on or off, or any number of other convenience items. We can even combine your security system with a remote starter system to help warm up the car on those cold winter days and cool off the vehicle on those hot summer days. We can design the ideal security system while adding convenience features that make your life easier. Your imagination is really the only limit.